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Giveaway! Kaia FIT Core Session

Kaia FIT has several northern Nevada locations, from Winnemucca to Spanish Springs.

I picked up my friend Corinne at 4:45 am, slightly earlier than the crack of dawn. Baggy eyes, unruly hair barely controlled under headbands – we looked at each other and laughed. “What are we doing?” I said, pulling out of the neighborhood, heading to Crystal Lakes Park in south Reno. “We have SO become those moms,” Corinne said. And she was right. By signing up for our first Kaia FIT session last July, we had just joined the ranks of the dedicated moms we saw running at sunrise…the ones pounding it out during their lunch breaks. The moms who claimed working out was their “me time.”  Could it be true? And could we cut it with the Kaia girls?

The answers were yes, and yes. And yes, Reno Moms Blog readers – this is a sponsored post – but co-founder Jenny and I have both happily drunk the Kaia Kool-aid ourselves, and are thrilled to give away one five-week Core session with Kaia FIT to one lucky mama! Details to win at the end of this post.

During our five weeks together in that first session, Corinne and I found out that we were stronger than we knew – that was a relief! After all the post-baby time that had passed without being very active, we weren’t sure what to expect. Even better, we saw incremental improvements in our strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination day-by-day with each workout. And although that mythical runner’s high still eludes us both to this day, I had indeed started to feel some of of what I think those “fit moms” feel: a sense of mental and physical  accomplishment that just makes you feel good about taking time for yourself.

The infamous Kaia “handbags.”

Kaia FIT (Functional Intense Training) is a women’s only fitness program that specializes in delivering personalized training in a group atmosphere to produce amazing results.  By working together as a team in a women’s only environment, Kaia girls Kan accomplish fitness goals that most would think are beyond reach. Their whole body approach to fitness and healthy living will make you leaner, stronger, more flexible, and give you the energy to be more effective in your daily life. Strong bodies, happy minds and healthy lives is what Kaia FIT is all about! 

Learn more about Kaia locations and workouts, then get entered* to win a five-week Core session! Just leave a comment with your favorite exercise or physical activity (past or present, LOL!). Good luck!

*See here for additional details about Reno Moms Blog giveaways. Giveaway open to new/first-time Kaia FIT participants only. 


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