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The Days Are Long And The Years Are Short

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Whew! We did it. We survived. Well, so far at least. In the past four weeks I went back to work after staying at home for two years. My husband’s job transferred him to Reno, so he is commuting from Carson City every day. Our four-year-old son went from part-time to full-time pre-K and our ten-month-old daughter began attending daycare full-time. When it rains, it pours.

I’m exhausted. Beat. Tired. Pooped. Put a fork in me because I’m done! However, I’m worn out in a good way. I’m so happy to be back at work and using my brain in a different way. Having adult conversations and responsibilities not involving the kids is wonderful. Staying at home, while good for the kids, was not easy for me. I’m much better being a working mom than a stay at home mom. I’m glad I did, though. Life has been crazy the past few weeks. It’s been full of transitions. Some changes have been easy and some have been hard.

Life is busier than ever, and I feel like I can’t catch up, which is difficult for my super-organized self. I like creating lists and checking off my tasks. Problem is, there are hardly any check marks on my lists. I don’t feel like I’m drowning, but I’ve realized my priorities have shifted. Things that I used to have time for might have to wait or not happen at all. This is what I have to come to terms with. Life is not going to slow down; it’s going to speed up. We have two kids now, two careers, two dogs, a cat and a mortgage. There are going to be activities, parties, practices, functions and lessons galore. Not to mention all the things that have to be done around the house – oh yeah, and a marriage too!

The saying, “The days are long and the years are short” is so true – I better make the most of it. Lately, I feel like I need my lists more than ever, but if something isn’t checked off, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe that means I’m doing more living than planning.


About Jessica Grundy

Jessica Grundy
Jessica Grundy grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved out west when she was 12 years old. She attended Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada, and received her communications degree from University of Nevada, Reno. She also studied abroad in London, England. Since 2008 she has lived in Carson City with her husband, Jason, a Carson City native. The apples of her eye are son, Chase, and daughter, Elle. Jessica went back to work in April 2014 after taking two years off to be at home with her kids, so when she's not busy working fulltime or being a mom, she likes to get outdoors. She wishes there was more time for reading and travelling though. On the weekends you can most likely find her playing miniature golf, a favorite family activity.

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