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What Are You Doing for Mother’s Day?

Jenny: First, I’d like a parade. Nothing big – just a marching band and floats made of flowers. I joke, I joke. I’d love to do brunchreno-moms-blog-jenny-henry or go up to the Lake for lunch. If the weather is nice, I’d love for the family to get outdoors together and take a walk or bike ride. If there were unlimited hours in the day, I’d get a pedi. And….I’d love some alone time with my Kindle. Reading is one of my favorite activities and I don’t get to do it enough without being interrupted.

Annie: I’m really excited about how Mother’s Day is shaping up this year! My sister, brother and I are taking IMG_1043my mom out for brunch at a midtown spot on Saturday, and then we’re taking Lillian to her first movie in a theater to see “Bears.” That’s Saturday…Sunday is all mine. I will definitely have some alone time in the tub with my Kindle and a new sea salt scrub. Throw in some dark chocolate with salted caramel, and it’s heaven on earth.

Jennifer D.: Eight years ago, my son was born on Mother’s Day. Although his birthday doesn’t fall on the holiday every year, we still “celebrate” by talkingJennDuval about the day he was born and making up silly reasons about why he decided to arrive two weeks early. I like to keep Mother’s Day simple so breakfast at home or a picnic lunch with my boys is perfect for me!

Aramelle: I usually leverage “my” day as an opportunity to get my guys to let me snap some fun pictures of us, with a little less complaining than usual. 😉 Other than that, I really prefer a very low-keyAramelleWheeler day. A nice leisurely breakfast, an afternoon just hanging out, usually at home. And I typically top the day off by making my favorite meal for dinner.

Fayth: OK, so I’m going to be the odd woman out here… What I really want to do for this Mother’s Day is to have a break from being a Mom and a daughter – the whole reasons we celebrate Mother’s Day to begin with! I know, it sounds awful, but it’s the Fayth Ross Reno Moms Blog Contributortruth. For 14 out of the last 15 years, I’ve hosted Mother’s Day for other people: my mom, my grandmas, my mother-in-law. It’s exhausting and I spend so much time cleaning house before the guests arrive, grocery shopping, (my husband cooks, which is nice, but still…), cleaning up after the event, and entertaining. I hate that it’s always nearly forgotten that I’m a mother, too. So, for this Mother’s Day, I plan on going shopping. I have a spending limit, I have NO time limit, and I’m going to go ALL BY MYSELF and just browse my favorite shops and take my time. No fighting children, no whining, no bathroom breaks for tiny bladders, no diaper changes…just me and my thoughts and pretty things. And then, when I come home, I’ll feel refreshed and my kids will be so excited to see me and I’ll feel like a rock star. And for the first time in ages, I won’t have hosted: we’ll end the day by going to my mother-in-law’s (her turn!) and I can enjoy my family and I might not even offer to help clean up afterwards. I think I deserve a break this year.

Jessica S.: I’m with you, Fayth. Skip the breakfast in bed, just give me a day when I don’t have to jessica-santina-thumbanything but read a magazine, paint my toenails, watch cheesy Hallmark movies, and drink a cold cocktail. Also, I told my daughter that her gift ought to be one day when I don’t have to ask her a bajillion times to: get dressed, wipe herself before pulling her pants up, or for cripe’s sake finish her breakfast/lunch/dinner. Just the once would suffice!

Meagan: I will be spending the day with my family up in Tahoe. We started a family tradition my first Mother’s Day. We go to Meagan Sabich Reno Moms Blog ContributorGarwood’s for brunch and indulge. They have an amazing Mother’s Day buffet with king crab, prawns, prime rib, etc. After lunch, weather permitting, we will drive to Tahoe City and spent some time at the beach. I really just want to be with my husband and little girls all day…. And then I would like some uninterrupted time for a nap!

Jamie: The last couple of Mother’s Days My mom and I have taken Isaac and done Moms on the Run. Other than that we haven’tReno-Moms-Blog-contributor-Jamie-Schnell really done anything cool. Honestly, I think Meagan’s Mother’s Day sounds like the perfect one to me. Since my husband and I got married at Garwoods and I adore Tahoe I would love to spend the day up there. I’d take my mom with us and a book to read while snuggling my itsy on the beach. .


Jessica G.: Since having kids of my own, I like to spend the day doing Jessica-grundy-reno-moms-blogsomething fun as a family. We usually have breakfast somewhere. I love going to a place where we can sit outside if the weather is nice. Then we usually do some kid of activity whether it be a walk at the lake, a train ride or miniature golf. A day without grocery shopping or rushing around is all I’m looking for. One day though, I’d like to do something with my mom like a day at the spa or a shopping trip.

Lynnette:  I’d love to receive some diamonds or sentimental jewelry as a token of thanks for all of my hard work, but that will never happen!  lynnette skiMy husband really isn’t into gifts, so we usually celebrate special days with experiences, which I adore as much as diamonds.  Almost.  In all seriousness, my ideal Mother’s Day is a day spent with my family, spent time doing something FUN instead of work.  I want all of my chores stripped away — no cooking, no cleaning and no laundry.  And from the kids, I want NO CRYING, FIGHTING OR WHINING!  This year, my husband and I are taking the kids skiing at Mammoth, as our kids finally hit the point this year where they are both FUN to ski with.  We plan to get up, go out to breakfast, ski until the novelty wears off, buy lunch, and then soak in the hot tub before heading home.  And yes, I know it’s May, but we are addicted to the slopes and after this miserable snow year, we’ll take what we can get!



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