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Giveaway & Review: Little Pnuts Toy Subscription

10003523_10100101798457109_3856340350357650385_nToday’s giveway and post is sponsored by Little Pnuts, a toy delivery subscription service that brings you the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys from around the world. For a chance to win your own box from Little Pnuts, simply leave a comment at the end of this post!

I was excited when RMB selected me to receive a free box from Little Pnuts! Who wouldn’t be excited to have a free box of toys delivered to their door, right? Well, today it arrived!

I was impressed with the packaging, protected, but easy to open. Isaac loved the orange tissue, it made it like opening a present…wait, what is this “Little Pnuts?”

Little Pnuts started in 2012 by a Mom who wanted “attractive toys that would enhance every sensorial perspective, toys that would provide challenges, toys that would engage while providing a sense of accomplishment… these toys were made of natural materials, sustainably made, with “do-it-yourself” features. Toys that would enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.” Through her own research, she found these toys were more readily available in Europe, but difficult to obtain in the US. Little Pnuts is Melissa’s way of sharing these toys with us!

How does it work? Little Pnuts is a subscription-based service, where for a one-time payment of $240/year ($20/month) OR monthly payments of $25, your family receives three to five organic, sustainably made toys four times each year (March, June, September and December). The toys are targeted to the age of your child from 0-5 years.


My son is 3, so we received a toddler box. It contained five things: a kaleidoscope, a wooden bird,a  balancing tree, fruit toys, and Orchard Memo game. All of the toys appear well-made and appropriate for his age. The first thing Isaac did was snuggle the wooden bird. He liked the kaleidoscope, but it didn’t hold his attention as well as I thought it would…

Next, he grabbed the Balancing Tree. It’s a set of wooden blocks and little birds that can be used to build the tree pictured on the box, which is what he wanted to do. It took a lot of tries and he made me do it a couple times, but he did finally do it himself! “Ta da! I love this tree!” he said. I like it because he has to concentrate and slow himself down to get it to balance. Focus is definitely something Isaac needs help with. I think this toy has great potential for longevity.

The fruit toys will make a happy addition to his kitchen and will definitely last through more than one kiddo. My little guy especially loves the knife, because he likes to pretend to make us snacks. “What snack are you having today? Do you want oranges and apples?” He just adores serving snacks to everyone.

We haven’t been able to play the Orchard Memo game yet, as Isaac has been so preoccupied with the other toys in the box. I am happy to save this one for a bit later, especially considering I am going to want some special things to share with Isaac when his brother arrives.

We were very pleased with the box, and would definitely recommend a subscription. The spread of the boxes is conducive to using them as birthday and holiday gifts, and this could be a wonderful one-time gift for a good friend having a new baby, or child’s 1st birthday.

What subscription services do you use? Would you consider Little Pnuts?





Want to win a Little Pnuts toy box for your kid? To enter today’s giveaway*, simply leave a comment below, and tell us what your kids’ favorite toys are right now.  

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