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You Can Re-Do, Too!

I often see all these beautiful furniture re-dos on Pinterest that are so fantastically perfect.  The only problem is that often, I feel like these “far away” moms are clearly more amazing than I, and it would obviously be foolish of me to try what they did.  When I see pics from friends or acquaintances, though, it seems much more do-able.  If the mom down the street can do it, so can I.  And so can you!

Over the last year, I’ve grown to love repainting and redoing furniture.  I’ve come a long way and learned a lot, but I always love to be inspired by and learn from other mommas.  I’ve asked several other Reno mommas to send me pictures of their projects.  My hope is to inspire you to give it a try, too!  Find something old, and make it new.  It’s such a fun feeling to see things in your home that you yourself have had a hand in creating.  And, if you have questions about any of these projects, just leave a comment and we’ll try to answer them as quickly as possible!


Above are two of my favorite re-dos.  We bought an armoire off Craigslist, chopped it in half, and created a kitchen island with the bottom and chalkboard wall art with the upper cabinet doors.

This piano is another favorite that I’ve done.    No sanding!  Just yellow paint + primer mix on a laminate piano!  And, of course, some new fabric for the bench.

Jenny L. gave her piano a fresh look, too, but with a red chalk paint from Annie Sloan (can you say JEALOUS!).  I love the black and white print on her bench!

April K. made this sign using old fence wood left behind by the previous owners of her home. I love the saying she wrote!  Be awesome, people.

Jami H. used an old dresser and transformed it into this super cute dress up station for her girls.  It’s hard to see, but the inside lining is zebra print!  This is dream furniture for little girls, don’t you think?

Meagan S. used a garage sale find to create this beautiful dresser for her new baby girl.  Aren’t the keyholes on it amazing?!?

And as if Meagan’s dresser wasn’t awesome enough, she used some paint to make-over this oak framed mirror.  She actually did the entire room for her new baby girl for only $10!!!

This 14-year-old Pier 1 patio table was just gifted to me and it got a bright red re-do in time for summer!  Once I’m done with the chairs, you can bet I’ll be sipping an ice cold chai out back every morning!

So…now it’s YOUR turn.  What are YOU going to re-do?  

Have a re-do you want to show off?  We would all LOVE to see it!  Post it in the comments!


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Jessica Locke
Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to four kiddos, two pups, and five chickens. She enjoys mixed martial arts, Spartan races, and teaching/coaching fitness, self defense, and martial arts. She currently writes at motheringwithcreativity.com for all things mom-ing and homeschooling, and at Debt Free, Reno, NV on FB and IG for all things money-matters.

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  1. Beautiful work! I especially love the dresser converted to a dress-up station. How tall is the dresser? Any tips on picking out a suitable dresser? I would love to see a step-by-step post on how you did it.

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