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When Momma Gets Sick

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced being a Mom is that my responsibilities for my children and my work don’t disappear when I get sick.  None of us have the time to get sick, right?

This past year, every time I have traveled with the kids, I have managed to get sick upon my return home.  I am currently paying the price for a Spring Break trip to San Diego just last week.  This past year, I’ve taken an entirely new approach to how I self-medicate in order to help myself feel better and get well quicker.

I used to be of the mindset that I’d take as many over-the-counter drugs that it took to help me feel better.  Or numb.  As an asthmatic, colds give me gut-wrenching coughs, and I often found myself going to the doctor to beg for prescription cough medicine and antibiotics.  I have overdosed myself a few times on cold meds, and even had an out-of-body experience while high on cough syrup on one of my first dates with my hubby (amazing he didn’t run for the hills!).

The more I learn about the drug and food industries and strive to ingest unprocessed and organic foods, I’ve changed the way I approach the common cold or sinus infection.  I’ve been self-medicating this way for about a year now, and have found that my sicknesses are definitely not as severe and the duration is not as long.  Now, this could totally be just luck and the variety of germs I’ve come into contact with, but I think my new approach is one worth sharing.

Here are my new go-to’s to get myself back to being a Well Momma:

1.  When I travel, I bring my Amazing Grass Green SuperFood with me.  I treat this stuff like a daily multivitamin replacement, as it gives me a daily dose of nutritious whole greens chock full of all of the necessary vitamins and minerals a body needs.  I usually have one serving a day, but when I start to feel sick, I make sure that I’m drinking three glasses a day.  My favorite flavors are Orange Dreamsicle, Berry and Chocolate (by the way, I also throw these into smoothies I make for the kids, and they never know the wiser!).

2.  I grab a Neti-Pot and do nasal rinses two to three times a day.  I use filtered water that I heat up in the microwave for about 20 seconds, and it has eliminated my need or desire to turn to decongestants or nose-sprays.  Neti-Pots can be bought at most grocery stores.

3.  I load up on super foods.  I drink smoothies with spinach, Amazing Grass, wheat grass, berries or oranges and seeds (hemp or chia).  I make up a huge pot of chicken noodle soup, complete with homemade broth, carrots, celery, garlic, onion and chicken.  When I eat my chicken noodle soup, I add a bit of turmeric and chili pepper flakes.

4.  I drink a concoction of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), raw local honey, cinnamon and water.  I heat this up and drink it like a tea.  It’s important to get the raw ACV with the “mother” in the bottle.   There is a lot of talk online about the health benefits of ACV, and it is definitely another go-to when I feel an illness coming on or want to kick some germs in the butt.

5.  This was a new attempt for me, but I made my own cough syrup this past weekend.  If you think about it, alcohol is one of the ingredients in some OTC cough medicines, and this recipe called for whiskey, peppermint schnapps, honey and lemon.  I found that making up some of this eased my lungs and definitely helped me go to sleep.  It’s only good for night or those days when you don’t plan to drive anywhere, though, but good to keep the ingredients on hand!  Plus, you’re always ready for a party, right?!

6.  Finally, I sleep with a humidifier.  I bought it for the kids, but end up using it on adults just as much!

I know all of this may sound a bit granola, but I’ve done a lot of online research, and truly think that there is viability to some of these methods.  I combine the above with as much sleep as possible, and knock on wood, but it has worked pretty well for me.

What do you do when you get sick?  Do you use any of these remedies?


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Lynnette Bellin
Lynnette Bellin is the former owner and site manager of the Reno Moms Blog. She is a married mother of a teenage daughter and a highly energetic tween boy. Lynnette moved to Reno in 2001 after choosing to live in a place that she loved for its natural beauty. She has written four children's books, including The Kindness Ninja and a series of three books called Adeline’s Magical Moments Collection. She has been obsessed with blogging since 2002. Lynnette loves to experience outdoor adventures in our area, including skiing, hiking, camping, and open water swimming. She spends her days working from home for a NYC ad agency and shuttling kids to dance, lacrosse and basketball.

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