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It’s Spring! Go outside and get dirty!

Urban Roots seedlings take root this spring.
Urban Roots seedlings take root this spring. Image courtesy of Urban Roots.

I never understood what the big deal was about spring. Growing up in Southern California, spring wasn’t that much different than winter. The trees stayed green all year, we never shut off the sprinklers and always had to mow the lawn, no matter if it was January, March or November.

Experiencing spring for the first time in Reno was eye-opening for me. Plants, trees, bushes and flowers actually changed, and not only the landscape changed, but people’s attitudes got lighter as the days got longer in March. Reno transforms as people start to stretch and try on the city again. You can see this happening now, even after this year’s milder than usual winter.

With spring here and Spring Break just a few weeks away, maybe it is time for you and the family to spring into something new by taking a break from your regular routine: maybe that is a class, a new Reno experience, or just an afternoon in the sun.

Baseball is back as the Reno Aces open the season on Thursday, April 3. A trip to the park can be a great date night or a family outing. Start the night in the Freight House District sipping a signature cocktail. Afternoon games mean picnics on the grass in the Berm Section and plenty of trips to the Kids Zone to get the wiggles out.

A guide to the trails of Reno and the Truckee Meadows.

Maybe a short hike or walk with the little ones is more your speed. Spend a day or a few hours as a family as you search for butterflies, lizards or some bright yellow flowers. Try the Bartley Ranch Trail, the Golden Eagle Regional Park Trails, the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park Trails or one of the other hundreds of trails that are available for walking, hiking or biking. Check out the 68-page guide to Washoe County and Truckee Meadow trails to plan your next adventure.

Experts are ready to answer your questions as you plan your garden this spring.
Experts at Moana Nursery and other garden centers are ready to answer your questions as you plan your garden. Image courtesy of Moana Nursery.


When I was a kid, I thought gardening meant one thing – pulling weeds. It turns out it is so much more than a chore. In Reno, gardening is a vocation. Back yards and front yards are being prepped, raised beds versus container gardening is being debated, and the conversation about when to plant the tomatoes is more earnest than usual, as the “Peavine advice” might not apply this year. Who can you ask this year? Try some of these popular gardening centers and stores that specialize in Truckee Meadows greenery. Many offer weekend classes to help guide amateur gardeners and green thumbs alike.

A brilliant pink iceberg rose courtesy of the Reno Rose Society.
A pink iceberg rose courtesy of the Reno Rose Society.

I have a yard full of rose bushes – seriously, there are more than 10 or 15. After winter, the roses look both haggard and are starting to bud. I have heard that the best time to prune your roses is Tax Day, April 15. For more advice on getting my roses back in sharp, I would turn to the local experts at the Reno Rose Society who can teach you how to prune and care for your roses with online guides and in-depth meetings. Need more help? Sign up for tomorrow’s Saturday, March 29 Annual Rose Pruning Demonstration at Idlewild Park.

Urban Roots brings the classroom into the garden with programs for kids and adults.
Urban Roots brings the classroom into the garden with programs for kids and adults. Image from Urban Roots.

Ready to get the little ones interested in gardening? There are classes for them too! Urban Roots on West Fourth Street has a community garden and a series of classes for kids and adults. During spring break Urban Roots Farm Camp lets the little ones learn how to help in garden with lessons on what’s blooming and what spring visitors to expect, from blooms to butterflies.


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