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I Am: A Homeschooling Mom


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I was a public school kid.  My husband was a homeschooler.  I  knew one or two families that homeschooled when I was growing up, and it seemed quite weird to me.  So it was definitely weird when I started asking myself “Will I homeschool?” when I was first pregnant.  I’m pretty sure it took me eight years to decide if I actually wanted to homeschool, and for three of those years I was already homeschooling!  So why do I homeschool?  Many reasons, but here are few:

  1. I want my kids to be in a safe and secure environment.
  2. To cater to my children’s individual needs and learning styles.
  3. I want to watch and be a part of these learning experiences, just like I was there when they first walked or lost a tooth.
  4. Nevada is a wonderful place to homeschool.

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I finally have come to place where I’m not teaching in fear;  wondering, “Will I mess my children up? What if I miss certain subjects? What if they are behind?”  I don’t let these thoughts plague me any longer.  I see their minds working and know I had a part in that.

My sons just finished chapter books for the first time last month; they each chose and read a “Hardy Boys” book, and I had a part in that. Emery is learning the alphabet sounds, counting higher every day and even solving simple addition problems. I had a part in that, too.  What a gift!

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I think that the biggest challenge I had was finding a curriculum that I really loved. We tried a few different things that were suggested by other homeschool friends, and we even gave K12 a shot, but it wasn’t for us. It can be quite overwhelming because of all the options you have, but I would ask you to look at yourself, what type of children you have and choose from there.  Some kids love book work, and some can’t stand it.  Some need to be outdoors and learning through experience, and some need to sit quietly and focus on one thing at a time.  Out of the six years that I have been officially homeschooling, I have just now found what fits best for our family.

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I really don’t have anything against public school, I know a few teachers personally and I know how much of themselves they put in to being amazing at what they do! I know parents, like my own mother, volunteer at their kids’ school and I can imagine it’s a great help!

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I give major high fives to all the parents out there who are walking along with their children through their education, answering questions, reading and exploring with them.  Some public school, some home school – and in the end, we all just want the best for our children’s bright minds.

If you have any questions about homeschooling, I would love to answer them the best that I can!  You can comment below or email me at lemairephoto@gmail.com.


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