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Crunchy Babies Organic Diaper Service: Review & Giveaway

On the spectrum of hippie-granola-crunchy moms I fall somewhere in the middle. I’ve had doulas and midwifes at both of my children’s all natural births. I breastfeed. I adore Ina May. I practice hypnobirthing. I try to make my 3 year old do yoga with me. I  balance that out by buying copious amounts of Kraft Mac N Chesse, bribing my child with sugar and I supplement with formula (oh and I didn’t eat my placenta). I’ve found in life, but even more so in motherhood, that saying the words, “I will never…” almost always means that you will, at some point, do exactly what you thought you never would. Enter my experiment with using cloth diapers. It’s one Crunchy Mama frontier that I had never planned on crossing.

Cloth Diaper babyI met Crunchy Babies Organic Diaper Service owner Erin and her husband at several baby/kid events in Reno. At first glance I thought, “Cloth diapers? I’m not crunchy enough for that.” In my mind, cloth diapers were stinky, nasty, old fashioned messes that required Origami folding skills and large pokey pins. I imagined having to get some sort of hose contraption/pressure washer to clean the diapers with and that the convenience of disposable diapers was well worth the money. Imagine my surprise when a quick conversation with Erin revealed that cloth diapers are incredibly easy to use, her service makes them almost more convenient than disposables and, dare I say it, the modern cloth diaper covers are completely adorable.

There is the traditional cloth portion which looks similar to what your grandmother probably used (or what you might use as a burp cloth) and then there’s the cloth diaper cover. Erin showed me how to fold the actual diaper portion, place it in the cover and then how easy it is to close the cover using the attached Velcro.

“That’s it?,” I asked.

“Yep. That’s it,” Erin replied.

There are no pins, no fancy folds, and nothing extraordinary about using cloth diapers. So great…I was sold…almost.

My thoughts returned to smelly diapers. Surely, these diapers would stink to high heavens. I asked Erin this and she was kind enough to offer me a free month-long trial so I could see first hand what using cloth diapers is like.

Cloth Diaper Cover from Amazon
Adorable cloth diaper cover. Available on amazon.com.

Crunchy Baby Diaper Service does a lot more than just hook you up with cloth diaper supplies. They also give you a diaper bin, pick up your dirty diapers, take care of all diaper cleaning and drop off new, clean diapers every week. The entire process is so easy.  My month of experimenting with cloth diapers went so fast and here’s what I found:

  • Ease of use – there is nothing difficult about using cloth diapers. Diapering with cloth diapers is just as easy as disposables.
  • Going green – Did you know that disposable diapers will take up to 500 years to disintegrate in a landfill? Kind of scary to think about. That alone is a good enough reason to think about switching.
  • Smell – Believe it or not, the cloth diapers smell less than the disposables. I didn’t have any odor issues.
  • Blow Out Proof – When Erin gave me the initial demo of diapers she told me that her kids didn’t have blow outs in cloth diapers. I smugly thought to myself that she had not seen the power my children posses when it comes to blow outs. I was so glad I turned out to be wrong. The cloth seems to do a much better job of absorbing those…um…unexpected gastro fireworks.

There were only a few drawbacks to using cloth, but the pros easily outweigh the cons:

  • My daughter got a diaper rash that would not respond to the all natural diaper ointment that you are supposed to use with cloth diapers. Regular diaper ointments contain petroleum and Zinc Oxide which can damage the cloth diaper. Erin suggested trying coconut oil too, but I ended up switching back to disposables and Aquaphor to get the rash to clear up. Once it was cleared up I didn’t have any issue switching back to the cloth diapers.
  •  My daycare provider was not comfortable using cloth diapers. I like to keep my children’s care takers happy so I didn’t fight their reluctance. Erin from Crunchy Babies says that she’s working with many local daycares to educate them about cloth diapering. Here’s to hoping that she has some success!

Want a shot at trying Crunchy Babies Organic Diaper Serivce? Comment below with the weirdest place you’ve ever had to change a diaper and you’ll be entered to win a month of cloth diapers and service! 

One winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Tuesday, March 25 at noon. See all Reno Moms Blog giveaway rules here.



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