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Moms For Moms Day: What will you share?


Drop the judgment and bring the love! March 4th is Moms for Moms Day, a collaboration between The Bump and CT Working Moms. The vision behind Moms for Moms Day is one that any mama can appreciate:

“The journey to motherhood is flooded with decisions (from the type of diapers you’ll buy, to the ways you’ll feed your infant, to the sleep-training methods you’ll subscribe to) and our goal is to support, encourage and stand behind each and every mother’s choices — and Moms for Moms Day is our way of putting an end to the judgments that moms make toward one another.”

Whether you formula fed from day one or are breastfeeding a toddler, share your mommy truths in one glorious day of non-judgment. Post your confessions in the comments below, in our Facebook community or on Twitter – and use the hashtag #moms4moms, so we can all follow along and recognize ourselves in other mamas.

Judgment-free motherhood? An end to the so-called “Mommy Wars?” We think it can happen. And we think this is a great first step!



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