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Be a Hula-Hooping Queen with Girl Scouts

Looking back on happy days at Girl Scout camp and filling out our orders for Thin Mints has got us so excited about today’s sponsored post from the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada! Read on for how you can enjoy Girl Scouts again, this time with your daughter. GirlScouts

I CAN’T WAIT TO… be a hula-hooping queen, a spy on a mission, the best picture-taker ever…” 

How many of you just read that and started thinking, “I want to be a hula-hooping queen, too!” Yup, I knew it – you are ladies after my own heart.

Well guess what, awesome mom? You can be a hula-hooping queen. And an explorer on a real-life adventure, a superhero with super powers, the star of your own story… the list goes on. But, there are a catch. I’m going to challenge you to be all of those fun things with your daughter – in a local Girl Scout troop!  

GASP..wait…what? “I don’t have time to be a Girl Scout leader!” Hold it right there, lady. I can guarantee you have time to have fun with your daughter. Time to share experiences that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. Time to go on adventures. Time to giggle. Time to cartwheel and make silly faces. Time to go on a treasure hunt together. Not to mention, you’ll definitely want to make time to hang out with all the new friends you both will make. And the best part? It’s easy-peasy because Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada has amazing staff to help you all along your Girl Scout journey.

The time commitment is up to you. Maybe your troop meets once a month on a Sunday, or maybe every other Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 pm. If you’re the troop leader, you get to decide when, where, and how long. That way you can fit Girl Scouts into your schedule and still go to yoga, the grocery store, work and the kiddo’s soccer practice.

The Girl Scout program focuses on adventure, connection, fun, community service, camping, travel, financial literacy (aka: Thin Mints!), awards, environmental leadership, science and technology, travel, and more – all on top of more than 100 Girl Scout badges she can earn to explore her world.  But don’t get overwhelmed – our “Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting” gives you all the tools, ideas, and know-how to find what interests her most.

After all, Girl Scouting is completely girl-led. That means it’s her job to tell you what she’s interested in doing and exploring. She’ll learn important life skills without even knowing it – because really, she’s just having fun.

Have questions? Can’t wait to be a hula-hooping queen with your hula-hooping princess? Girl Scouts is also accepting new leaders and starting new troops. Fill out the interest form, give us a call at 775-322-0642 x1224, or drop us a line: info@gssn.org.

Today’s post was written by Amber Wilhelm, Development and Communications Manager for Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada. Her mom was her Girl Scout Leader growing up, and today is her best friend. Tweet along with her and the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada at @GirlScoutsSN

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