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A Day in the Life (and Mind) of a Stay at Home, Homeschooling Mom of 4 under 7


I recently had this idea to write down what my day looks like  (and by “recently”, I mean today); both so I can remember it for years to come, and also because I often get asked about my day with four small kids.  So.  Here’s what a day looks like for me as a mom of four kids under age 7.  This is a Friday, so our school schedule is pretty slim since we have gymnastics these mornings.  And, of course, this post doesn’t include all the day’s happenings (like my son making a “birthday candle'” by sticking a marker inside of a glue stick or smearing glue all over my table or continually coming to me with soap on his hands),  but it gives a pretty good picture of life right now with four young children.

6:55 am:  I forgot to put nursing pads on last night.  But I’m dry.  Odd.  My almost 3-month-old has been asleep since 9 pm, and the sounds of Curious George in the living room mean my 4-year-old is awake but didn’t wake anyone else up.  Again, odd.

7:00 am:  I sit by my 4-year-old and pay bills.  Paychecks as a grown up are a lot like letting someone else have all your birthday presents.  They leave as promptly as they arrive.   Work on my post for Reno Moms Blog.  Why do I always wait till the last minute?  Make lunch for my husband.

7:15 am: The baby wakes up; followed shortly thereafter by my 2-year-old.  The 4-year-old’s trip to her room to get her first outfit for the day wakes the 6-year-old, who comes down the hall carried by dad.

7:30 am: I get myself dressed and do my makeup.  This outfit looks great on me.  I should wear this again tomorrow when I’ll actually be out and around other grown up people.

7:40 am: My husband gets ready for work.  Because, you know, nothing like waiting until the last minute to get ready.  Jealous.

7:50 am: Load six people up into our single family vehicle.  Take husband to work.  Come home.

8:00 am: My 4-year-old changes for the second time, and the girls destroy my room with their new bag of hand-me-downs.  Note to self: hide hand-me-down bags from the kids until I can get to them first.

8:15 am: Start my morning load of laundry.  Feed the dog.  The 4-year-old changes again.  Do my hair while wearing the baby in the Moby wrap and listening to my 6-year-old read aloud a chapter from a Junie B. Jones book.  Get breakfast for everyone.

8:45 am: Get girls dressed for gym (fourth change for the 4-year-old).  Change the baby.  Get peed on by him all over my pants – in the crotch area.  Dang.  These looked good on me today.  Can I still wear these?  Maybe I could blow-dry them.  Is that weird?  I’ll at least use a baby wipe to “clean” them a bit.  Would I be considering this if I had peed on myself?  I hope not.  Okay, I’ll change.  Change.

9:10 am: Load up four kids in the car and head to gymnastics.

9:25 am:  Arrive.  Nurse the baby.  2-year-old finds a bouncy ball.  Sweet.  Free entertainment.

10:45 am: Load up.  Leave gymnastics.

11:00 am: Home.  Fifth clothing change for the 4-year-old.  Switch laundry.  2- and 4-year-olds play outside, 6-year-old takes her phonics/spelling and math tests for the week.  She gets a B+ on the first test and melts down.  Gah!  Why is she JUST like me!?!?  2-year-old stops the dryer.  Start it again.

11:15 am: 4-year-old gets water on her sweater which means outfit change #6 is in order.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Load the dishwasher and start it.  Why is the top jam-packed and there’s nothing in the bottom?  I should use fewer cups.  Pick up the living room, kitchen and table.  Baby falls asleep in the Moby.  Read a book to the kids.  2-year-old cancels the dishwasher cycle.  Start it again.

12:00 pm: Lunch.  Thank you, Lord, for leftover lasagna today. Oh wait, I promised you a peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich.  Crap. 

12:15 pm:  That leftover cupcake looks amazing.  I wonder if the kids would notice me eating it over here?  Maybe I could take it down the hall.  No, I want to drink a chai while I eat it.  Okay.  Self-control.  Kinda.  I’ll eat it later.

12:30 pm: Clean up lunch.  Guitar practice for the 6-year-old.  She’s so much better than me.  Kids go outside to paint with water and play.  I fold and put away laundry and clean my room while listening to the kids with my bedroom window open.  I wonder how many times our dog has peed on that kiddie pool they’re rolling around in? Should I be bothered by that? 

1:30 pm: Kids are all in bed (oldest resting with books) and baby is STILL sleeping in the Moby.  Chai and cupcake time! I’d better not sit down or the little guy might wake up.  

1:45 pm:  Review and make the finishing arrangements for my freezer cooking menu and shopping list.  23 meals for around $100?  I’m pretty awesome.  

2:00 pm: Reading, writing, nursing the baby.  Baby #4 may be the easiest baby ever.

3:30 pm:  Everyone up and about.  Snacks.  How many more years do I have left of peeling the skin off apples?  

3:45 pm: Out front for bike riding and racing cars down the driveway.  I’m pretty sure my neighbors think we’re “that” crazy family with a bazillion kids running around in the street.

4:30 pm: Inside.  The 4-year-old changes again.  That makes seven times.  Does she change this many times every day?  I should pay more attention.  Maybe that’s why I do so much laundry.  Unfortunately, the 4-year-old is now wearing a summer dress.  I make her change.  Did I just instigate change #8? 

4:45 pm: Load up. Go to the bank.  Pick up my husband from work.  Home.

The evening ended with dinner, conversations, showers, books, and half a movie.  But honestly, by this point, I was way too tired to track the rest of the evening.  And so, it ends here. I’m tired.  Like always.  But totally loving life.  My kids are crazy and fun and full of life, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Have you ever kept a written record of a day in your life?  I think this may become a once-a-year tradition for me so that when my kids are big and grown up, I can look back and (hopefully) laugh and smile at what life “used to be like.” Give it a try!  It was really a lot of fun for me!


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Jessica Locke
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