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Moms, You Need a Drink….

This is a real IM conversation between myself and a mom friend the other day. The names have been changed to protect the guilty:

Get ready to savor a drink at Death & Taxes. Photo courtesy of Death & Taxes.
Get ready to savor a drink at Death & Taxes. Photo courtesy of Death & Taxes.

Mom friend: Shelle, let me tell you what my two-year-old boy did while I was in the shower.

Shelle: Oh god, does he still have his pants on?

Mom friend: He poured an entire bag of frozen blueberries into a bowl…

Shelle: (Thinking to herself – this isn’t going to end well)

Mom friend: He is now stained purple. Please send tequila.

Let’s face it, moms: you need a drink. You navigate the laundry piles, the never-ending homework and the office drama, all while negotiating with a two and a half foot tall food critic to eat two more bites of vegetables. You have earned this drink.

Luckily, Reno has you covered with a wide variety of drinking establishments ranging from teahouses to hipster parlors. To me the ritual of having a drink is as important as the drink itself. It is stealing a moment to savor refreshment and maybe pairing it with a conversation, a chance to read that article from your favorite magazine or just a few minutes of quiet. Here are some of my favorite places to savor a drink in town.

Too Soul Tea Company

Too Soul Tea has everything from a proper British tea to hand-blended herbal selections.  Photo from Too Soul Tea.
Too Soul Tea’s caramel apple tea latte. Photo from Too Soul Tea.

This family-run delight has every kind of tea imaginable, from green and black to herbal and rooibos. They feature custom blended teas that will give you energy, soothe your tummy or help cure a cold. The tea shop is located at 542-1/2 Plumas St in Reno, you can’t miss the little orange house.

Small tables give you a place to sip a chai tea latte while catching up on writing a report. They have daily hot and iced tea specials; this week’s included a Cosmopolitan Gunpowder Green tea and a Kiwi-Strawberry Peach Rooibos tea. Come here for your own personal tea party time out.

Death & Taxes

Death & Taxes is like having a drink at the private club located inside the Haunted Mansion. Photo courtesy of Death & Taxes.
Death & Taxes is like having a drink at the private club located inside the Haunted Mansion. Photo courtesy of Death & Taxes.

Brought to you by the folks at Midtown Eats, Death & Taxes makes me think of bars in New York, London, New Orleans and LA. It is a dark, almost eerie interior, done mostly in blacks and grays with light coming from chandeliers, candles and fireplaces; it is almost like having a drink in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

The bar menu focuses on hand-crafted cocktails, many made with locally sourced ingredients, and some amazing spirits. Last time I was there, they made me this amazing strawberry-infused lusciousness.

The menu is constantly changing, but the bartenders will help you pick out something you will love. Then be ready to savor the glass of joy on one of the couches in front of the fire. Death & Taxes is located at 26 Cheney Street in Reno’s Midtown District.

The Hub on the River

The Hub carefully crafts each coffee experience. Photo courtesy of The Hub.
The Hub carefully crafts each coffee experience. Photo courtesy of The Hub.

The Hub’s newest location is 727 Riverside Dr. on the Truckee River next to Dorinda’s Chocolates and the recently relocated Beaujolais Bistro, which also would be a lovely place to have a glass of wine.

This Hub location is a mix of folks working on their laptops alongside others having conversations on who is playing the Knitting Factory, what happened at last night’s planning commission meeting or how their latest art project is evolving into a mixed materials piece focusing on sagebrush dreams and hotsprings nightmares.

The coffee is always freshly roasted and the drinks created with care. They take their brewing seriously and offer a rotating menu of single origin coffees which can be served as espresso, Hario V60 and Chemex pour overs, as well as French Press.  Stop by for a cup of loveliness next to the river.

Places I need to have a drink, but haven’t gotten to yet:

The Twisted Fork

Located at 1191 Steamboat Parkway Ste. 1400 in South Reno, the Twisted Fork has been getting great reviews. I need to go there for a simple glass of Pinot Grigio and one of their appetizers, maybe the Queso Fundido or the Shrimp Corn Dogs. I hear that this is the place to go to see a gorgeous sunset play out on the Nevada sky from their patio. It is on the list!

Under the Rose Brewing Company

I have a feeling a visit to Under the Rose Brewing Company at 559 E. Fourth Street in Reno will result in an education on brewing. I am looking forward to sips of their newly released britishbeer, an English-style pale ale, and the saisonbeer, a French, farmhouse ale in their tasting room. You also can find their beers all over the city at Old Bridge Pub, Jungle Vino, the Tap Room at Whole Foods and Nu Yalk Pizza, to name just a few.

Honorable drink mentions:

  • The margaritas at El Abobe or Los Compadres
  • A drink on Lincoln Lounge’s patio during the summer
  • An espresso from La Vecchia after a meal of their housemade raviolis
  • A cold Sapporo with a loud group of friends while enjoying sushi at _______ (fill in the blank with your favorite).

Where is your favorite place to get a drink in Reno?


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