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Pick-A-Park: Las Brisas Park

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Las Brisas Park has long been a family favorite of ours. My son often asks to go to the “blue park,” and I’m almost always happy to oblige; it is close enough for us to run to (if we have some time, it’s not that close), and a mere five minute drive when we take the car. Nestled right above North McCarran, it has a great view of Old Northwest and the surrounding mountains. With so much wide open sky, it’s a great place to watch for airplanes while swinging – one of my little guy’s favorite pastimes.

It can get a bit crowded when the weather is nice, but usually it isn’t overly packed. Sometimes we have the park all to ourselves, so it’s really just luck of the draw. The location is great and scenic, but be aware that the weather is amplified in this wide open space – so if it’s windy in Reno, it’s knock-you-off-your-feet windy at this park, so be sure to wear/bring layers.  The large field below the playground is wonderful for a variety of group activities, or great for playing fetch with your dog. Bring a picnic and sit at one of the many picnic tables in the pavilion or around the paved trail and settle in for a fun filled afternoon at Las Brisas Park!

Las Brisas Park Las Brisas Park Las Brisas Park

Las Brisas Park: The Rundown

Location: 5950 Las Brisas Blvd, Reno, NV 89523 – just above North McCarran past “Squeeze In”

Parking: Parking lot with plenty of spaces.

Play Structures: Two large play structures, one more suitable for toddlers with a couple smaller slides. Freestanding rock climbing wall and natural rock climbing structure. Water features turned on during the summer. Swing set includes two regular and two bucket seats.

Ground Cover: Rubber mulch.

Shade: The pavilion above the park is covered and there are large umbrellas over the benches surrounding the playground, although there isn’t much shade elsewhere.

Cleanliness: The playground is generally clean, although there are often broken beer bottles and cigarette butts in the sandy, unpaved area below the pavilion.

Amenities: Single bathroom and water fountain. A large covered pavilion for parties with a barbeque pit.

Pathways: A paved trail goes around the park and a large field below the playground area – great for a little walk, and a favorite for dog walkers.

Other: There is a field below the park great for Frisbee, football, or flying kites.

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