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Putting Your Toddler To Work

Somehow, in all my close referencing of Babycenter over the last three years, I missed this milestone: baby’s first chore. Did you know you could harness your toddler’s desire to help “do. it. MYSEFFFF!” and get them to do actual work around the house?!

Judging by my Pinterest feed, this must be a hot topic lately for other mamas, too! Here are a few simple chores and tasks that your toddler would love to help with:

  • Family pet care: food, water, crating
  • Laundry: gathering, sorting, folding
  • Dishes: loading dishwasher, putting away clean dishes and silverware, bringing dirty dishes to the sink
  • Making the bed
  • Swiffer dusting
  • Wiping down counter tops and mirrors
  • Picking up and putting away toys
  • Watering plants and flowers
  • Emptying small trash cans
Photo: small + friendly

In our house, most of the three-year-old’s chores involve her self-care. She puts her clothes in the hamper, and puts her shoes and coat away right after school. She likes to pack her lunch and supervise any prep the grown-ups need to do. Recently, she showed off newer skills of washing her body and shampooing her hair all by herself (yay! Less backaches bending over the tub!).

Around the house, she likes to feed the dogs, add soap to the dishwasher to start it, and we are having her start to clean up her spills on her own.

What chores and tasks do your munchkins do around the house? 


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