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Traditionally Speaking

I get stuck a lot on the fact that I am not very good with traditions this time of year. I always have big plans and then, POOF! It’s already the 24th and I am freaking out about everything.  Who haven’t I gotten something for? Did I make enough cookies? … or, or, or?

I partially blame my stalling on the fact that I am a December baby. It’s hard to celebrate another holiday on top of what is supposed to be your special day. I will also blame not wanting to be disappointed. If I plan a ton of things and try to make all of it “just like last year” (because that was THE BEST), and then they flop, I know my heart will totally sink. Of course, not planning anything will cause equal disappointment, but that’s not the point.
let it snow
I will thank the black hole that is also known as Pinterest for making sure to overwhelm me every.single.time I dare to visit that website. I have an entire board dedicated to all things holidazzling, but I am pretty sure I haven’t put any of them into actual use. I love the idea of an advent calendar, but darn it, the month always sneaks up on me. I will also totally admit that the Elf on the Shelf freaks me out…that creepy little dude has that weird smile and those eyes that follow you around a room.

Let the mommy guilt begin.

What are my kids going to remember about the holidays? How can I make them special without dumping a ton of money into the situation? I started to do some research on my personal blog, Second Spring, to see what the heck we are usually doing this month, an lo and behold – we do have a few traditions. Who knew?!  Maybe I am not such bah-humbug after all.

My creation

I get reflective

My creationWe make sure Santa gets cookies, but we never, ever leave out those hardworking reindeer.

My creationI make sure everyone has some sort of season headgear.

My creationThere are special books that come out from hiding.

My creation
And of course, we make sure to see that bearded dude with the red suit.

Are you a traditionalist? What things do you have to do each year? What was the most out-of-tradition thing you have ever done over the holiday season?

I hope all of you have a very Happy Holidazzle this year, no matter how, where or when you celebrate!


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Vanessa Simpson
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