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Stress Less This Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  Time for yummy food, family, friends, and…stress.  Ahhh.  Do you feel it coming?!

As moms, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in wanting everything to be perfect for these types of gatherings.  We want the food to be perfect, the table to look beautiful, the home to be spotless, our outfits to be our best, and the bathrooms to not smell like our son just missed the toilet…again.  It’s no secret that we often unnecessarily stress ourselves out in these situations.  And while this stress definitely takes away from the fun of the gathering for us, we often let our stress affect the way we interact with our children, too.

When my kids are grown, I’d really like for them to be able to look back on gatherings with friends and family with great fondness.  If all my children remember is me yelling at them to “pick that toy up,” or brushing them off because I’m too busy preparing for everyone else, then I feel like I will certainly have dropped the ball on communicating their importance in the midst of everything else.   Because even if I’m, hosting other people, my children are still my children, and their needs and importance should not diminish one bit.

Tomorrow, they’re going to need you when you’re stirring something at the stove.  Let them know you’ll help them as soon as you’re able.

They’re going to mess up your perfect table with their play dough tub.  Ask them to take it to a more appropriate place and let them help you put the table back together later.

They’re going to need your help solving a sibling battle while you’re vacuuming.  Help them solve it, and vacuum after.

They’re going to pull up a chair in your already crammed kitchen and insist that they help make the next recipe.  Let them.

You’re going to consider getting stressed or yelling at your children.  Don’t do it.

Stressing ourselves out doesn’t make anything get done quicker.  It doesn’t make our house look more beautiful.  It doesn’t make the food taste better.  And it doesn’t make our family have more fun.  At the end of the day, no one will remember that every place setting on the table was perfectly spaced or that your kitchen floor was mopped.  People will remember their time together with you, the conversations, the fun.  Everything does NOT need to be perfect!  Let the little things go.  Let’s choose to enjoy the holiday and to allow our children to be themselves, know that they are important, and have fun on this special day, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Jessica Locke
Jessica is a wife and homeschooling mom to four kiddos, two pups, and five chickens. She enjoys mixed martial arts, Spartan races, and teaching/coaching fitness, self defense, and martial arts. She currently writes at motheringwithcreativity.com for all things mom-ing and homeschooling, and at Debt Free, Reno, NV on FB and IG for all things money-matters.

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