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Visit Dr. Brosy to Get Cash for Candy

Today’s post is sponsored by Brosy Family Dentistry, a family-owned practice serving the whole family; and children are especially welcome! Here, mom and dentist Dr. Lynn shares a few tips for enjoying Halloween candy while protecting your little ones’ pearly whites – and how to share your extra Halloween candy with our troops overseas.

We have two daughters, and when they were young, we loved Halloween and trick-or-treating. Deciding on costumes and makeup, creating the outfits, and then going to neighborhood houses with friends was almost as much fun as actually getting any treats. I would let my girls keep a reasonably small amount of candy, which we kept in the kitchen (I must admit: I have a soft spot for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups myself!).

Any opened packs of candy were always off-limits, certainly, as a safety issue. Really sticky candy, like Tootsie Rolls, weren’t allowed, particularly when the girls were wearing braces, We would also discourage anything that was highly acidic, such as Sweetarts and sour gummies. A small piece of candy was allowed after dinner, and then off to brush teeth, of course!

Now, our Halloween Candy Buy Back event is one of my favorite times of year in the office – not only because we enjoy seeing all the kids come in and visit us, but also because it supports a cause close to my heart. Starting Tuesday, Nov. 5 till Friday, Nov. 8, bring your kids’ extra unopened candy to our office, and we’ll pay you $1 for each pound (up to 10 pounds per child)! We’ll send those extra goodies to people who could really use a sweet treat: our brave men and women serving overseas.


Operation Gratitude partners with dentists all over the country to collect extra Halloween candy each year for the troops.  These days, it seems we all have some connection to someone who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan, whether a sibling, child, friend, or co-worker. I think the packages sent to the servicemen and women aren’t so much about the candy, but about receiving something in the mail, something from “home,” something that evokes memories of good, fun times, like going trick-or-treating.

It’s actually a bit of a conundrum, advising our young children to not have all the candy they can eat, but then sending pounds and pounds of sugar-infused goodies to the military personnel! So we also include toothbrushes in our boxes to Operation Gratitude, and I’m hopeful that the young adults who receive the candy don’t eat it all at once… as well as brush their teeth afterwards!

See husband and wife dentists Dr. Paul and Dr. Lynn for preventive care, teeth whitening, oral surgery, root canals, tooth colored fillings, porcelain crowns, and emergency treatment. Brosy Family Dentistry is located at 175 Cadillac Place in Reno; for appointments and office hours, call 775-826-1988.


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