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Contributor Roundup: Halloween Faves

Happy Halloween, mamas! Today, our contributors are chatting about their Halloween faves. What are yours?

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Vanessa S.: Do caramel apples count?

Gemma: Twix bars.

Jessica S.: Here’s a blast from the past: Sugar Daddy! I also love Laffy Taffy. (Are you sensing a “terrible for teeth” theme, here?)

Aramelle:  I’m all about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  No.  Wait!  Anything with caramel.  Or Almond Joys.  Yeah…candy is good.

Meagan: I love Almond Joy’s. When I was a kid, neither of my brothers liked them, so I always got their haul of Almond Joy’s. Score!

Bethany: Candy Corn. I love it! (National Candy Corn Day was Oct. 30, by the way!)

What’s your least favorite trick-or-treat item?

Vanessa S.: Dots – those things taste horrible AND stick in your teeth so bad.

Jessica S.: I’ve never liked Smarties. They are like chalk, and do nothing but collect crumbs in their wrapping. Ick. Oh, and I hate candy corns, too.

Gemma: Pencils…seriously, who does that?

Meagan: I have a couple. Toothbrushes is one. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth. Giving out toothbrushes on Halloween, instead of treats is like being the Grinch who stole Christmas. One year, I was also given old Easter candy at someone’s house. Come on, really?

Aramelle: Popcorn balls.  I kind of don’t even understand how these came to be a thing.

Bethany: Least-favorite trick-or-treat item is little toys that will break before my kids can even play with them. Just hand out candy or nothing at all!

What was your most awesome or favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Vanessa S.: My best friend and I were a pair of dice, so much fun! We had boxes painted white with black dots.

Gemma: Okay, it wasn’t a costume I had as a kid, but my most awesome costume was when I was seven months pregnant with my son and dressed up as a pregnant nun. It was pretty glorious.

Meagan: One year, my older brother and I went as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. My mom decided after years of seeing her wedding dress sit in the closet, she could put it to better use. She altered it and tattered it and made me the most awesome Bride of Frankenstein ever. Somehow, she managed to get my hair to stick straight up on top of my head. No wig necessary.

Jessica S.: I’m honestly not someone who loves Halloween. But I guess my favorite year for costumes was when my brother went as Snoopy, I was Lucy (from the Peanuts), my friend Cara was the Grape Ape, and my other friend Diane was a turtle who struggled the entire night to keep up with her cumbersome costume. I think all those costumes rocked (okay, except for the turtle).

Bethany: I didn’t trick-or-treat every year as a kid, so I only remember a few costumes. I think my favorite was a bag lady (totally un-PC!). I just piled on a bunch of clothes, ratted my hair, smeared fireplace soot on my face and carried around a big hobo bag.

What’s your kid(s)’s costume this year?Aviator-costume

Gemma:  Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Jessica S.: She’s going to be a ballerina, although she’s lately been saying that she wants to wear last year’s Jessie costume (Toy Story) to her school’s Halloween party, but the ballerina costume for trick or treating.

Vanessa S.: Fifi is going to be a little China doll and O is going to be a ninja.

Meagan: Sophie is going as a Steelers cheerleader. Even though they are not doing so hot this year, we’re still going to support our team!

Bethany: My daughters are Ariel and a gypsy.

Aramelle: We made an airplane box costume.  This is our second year doing a box costume, and I think I’m addicted.  I love that they’re simple and inexpensive, yet unique.  And Runt and I have a lot of fun working on them together.

Where will you be trick-or-treating this year?

Gemma:  Just around our neighborhood. We did one of the big safe trick-or-treat events last year and it was a zoo. Standing in line for so long for a measly palm-full of hard candies, no thank you. We’ve got the cool neighbors who give away full-size candy bars ’round these parts.

Jessica S.: Our neighborhood. We just moved here at the end of last year, so we’re excited to see what it’s like here. The decorations around here are pretty spooky, so it should be good.

Meagan:  Up near our house in the Northwest. Sophie is still small, so we’ll likely just do our cul-de-sac and a few friends houses in the Canyon Pines/ Somersett area.

Bethany: This year we’re going to the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City and the neighborhood around it. That neighborhood goes all-out for Halloween, and we’re always sure to run into friends.

Aramelle: The night before, we’re going to go check out the Trick or Suite event at Aces Ballpark.  I love that we’ll have the opportunity to have some family fun and support some amazing organizations at the same time.  On Halloween, we plan to do some good old fashioned trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood.

Vanessa S.: Around our neighborhood. We keep it simple.


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