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Nature Walks: Homeschooling in the Great Outdoors

We started venturing out on nature walks this year for homeschooling, and it’s something we have all really enjoyed!  This morning, we explored around our own neighborhood to find treasures that related to the fall season.  The kids love doing this, and get so excited when they find something new. It’s a special time to hold hands, learn together, and make memories.

fallWhen we get home from our walks, we lay everything out on the table, grab our water coloring pad and let the kids choose a couple items to paint.  Danny and I then research on the iPad or computer the various items they’ve collected, and we always end up discovering so many things we never knew. This isn’t just a great homeschooling activity that we do every week, but also a great bonding experience.  Any family can do this with their kids, and it’s great for all ages!





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