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Helmets Are Cool! Stay Safe During Winter Fun

Today’s post is sponsored by High Fives, a foundation in Truckee that is dedicated to preventing concussions, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Today, they are generously giving away a very cool helmet to one lucky Reno Moms Blog fan. 

Helmets Are Cool - Winter SafetyWhat do ear plugs, sunscreen, shoes, goggles and helmets have in common? That’s right, protection! They all offer some kind of protection when doing something fun. As moms, we naturally want to protect the ones we love. Protect them this winter by getting them helmets to wear when skiing, sledding or snowboarding.

I am a mom to a rambunctious 2-1/2-year-old risk-taker. He’s an unafraid daredevil and comedian all rolled into an adorable little package. I can’t imagine sending him out to play on his bike, four-wheeler or skis without a helmet.  I want him to have fun and explore his surroundings, but stay safe while doing it. That’s where our family’s collection of helmets come in! We have them all: bike helmets, ski helmets, four-wheeler helmets, and I bet we’ll collect more helmets as our love for sport grows in tandem with our son. My guess is come spring, we’ll have matching family baseball helmets in the mix! The Stocktons think helmets are cool, and I hope your family does too. Helmets make a difference in reducing or preventing head injuries from falls or other impacts. Putting one on should be, well, a no-brainer!

Over the past year, I’ve gotten close to a charitable non-profit foundation in Truckee, Calif., doing remarkable, meaningful and life-changing work. The foundation is called High Fives. Since their inception in 2009, they’ve raised more than $1.5 million to help 49 traumatically injured winter sports athletes recover. Some of the athletes receiving support from the foundation have suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of NOT wearing a helmet.  As a result, High Fives has partnered with POC to produce an educational safety video called “Helmets Are Cool” to raise awareness about wearing helmets, and their effectiveness in preventing concussions, head injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

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Check out this educational safety video with your family, and get ready to have a safe and fun winter season.

The “Helmets Are Cool” campaign launches today, and I encourage you and your family to watch the video together. It highlights the stories of four winter sports athletes and their life-altering head injuries, in addition to promoting a universal belief that helmets are not just necessary – they are, in fact, cool, as demonstrated by an in-depth look into modern helmet construction and style.

If you are like me, you are probably just getting used to the leaves changing color and fall taking hold in Reno. Fall is a beautiful time in the Truckee Meadows, and it leads us to a fun and active winter.  I love snow and I love to ski with my family! If you love to get out and play in the snow with your family, too, I want to urge you to be prepared to have fun this winter by wearing a helmet, and encouraging your loved ones to do so, too.

Guest Contributor Jill Stockton is a local mom, PR professional and is passionate about our community. She currently works for the University of Nevada’s School of Journalism and in her spare time enjoys the amazing outdoor recreation in our area and evenings at Louis’ Basque Corner. 


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