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New After School Program at Sage Ridge for All Washoe County Kids

Today’s post is sponsored by After School Explorations at The Ridge, a program for all Reno area students in grades 1 through 6. After School Explorations is part of Sage Ridge School, a co-educational college preparatory school for students in grades 5 through 12. The School provides an environment that encourages students to think creatively, critically, and compassionately while enriching their own lives and the lives of others.

Get to know Sage Ridge School in this Q & A with Charlie White, Director of  Summer and After School Programs. And don’t miss two special discounts on enrollment just for Reno Moms Blog readers!

1. Tell us about Sage Ridge School and your role there.

Sage Ridge School provides an exciting and engaging learning environment. As the Director of Summer and After School Programs, I have the privilege of witnessing our teachers and students interact. Exciting hands-on learning, inspiring conversation and thoughtful writing are evident throughout campus. More than anything, I am impressed by the character of our students and teachers. It is a joy to work with people who have healthy expectations for behavior, attitude and work ethic. Creating an after school program in this environment is an honor and a pleasure.

2. How is the Sage Ridge Explorations at the Ridge after school program different from other programs in the area?

The After School Explorations program reflects the mission and excellence of the school. We provide quality academic and enrichment programs while expecting our participants to exhibit sound character and effort. The beauty of Sage Ridge is reflected in the quality of relationships between the teachers and students. Because of small class size, our teachers are able to spend quality time with each student. The after school program has the same advantage and provides students with a true gift – positive adult role models.

3. What can a parent expect from the Sage Ridge after school program?

A parent can expect quality teaching, communication and care. Sage Ridge teachers understand the developmental needs of the students and design engaging classes involving movement, creative thinking and problem solving. Sage Ridge staff strive for meaningful connections with their students.

We provide healthy after school snacks, supervised exploration time and engaging learning activities.

4. How do you register for the after school program?

You can register for the program online. You can also register for our exciting October Break Explorations Program, which includes trips to the Tahoe Environmental Research Center, UNR’s Planetarium, and more! The October Break program, like the regular after school program classes, are taught by experienced educators and are limited to small class sizes. Registration is simple using the online form.

And – just for Reno Moms Blog readers,  check out two exclusive offers from Sage Ridge:

  • Sign up for the October Break program today and you’ll be entered to win a 50% discount on one future after school offering!

  • Reno Moms Blog readers are eligible to win a free spot in the remainder of the first session’s visual art classes happening now! This offer is available to the first three people who sign up their student for a class during the second session and mention Reno Moms Blog.

For questions, please contact me anytime: Charlie White, Director of Summer and After School Programs, at 775-525-0288 or at cwhite@sageridge.org.

5. If a parent wanted more information about Sage Ridge, where’s the best place to look?

To learn more about Sage Ridge, contact Laurice Antoun-Becker, Director of Admission, at 775-852-6222 ext. 509 or through our online contact form.

6. What’s your favorite part about the after school program?

As an educator, I love that After School Explorations brings out the excitement in learning. So often, fun is lost in education. At Sage Ridge, we work hard, but we have a blast in the process. This program brings that joy of learning back to the surface. As a father, I know my daughter will be best served by programs that make lasting connections between teacher and student and between student and knowledge. Explorations at the Ridge can do both.


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