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A Love Note to Our First Born

Nine years ago, we were pregnant for the first time. We were told by our doctor (who had a 98% accuracy rating) that we were going to have a girl. We had a dresser full of pinkish girly clothes, and pink balloons left over from the baby shower. We had picked the name Cambria, and we were ridiculously excited!

On September 21, 2004, we had an amazing and wonderful surprise when out came a little boy. We were completely shocked, and completely overjoyed! We snuggled him, fed him, fed ourselves some Big Mac’s and Reese’s peanut butter cups, and settled down for our first night together in the hospital. The next day, we decided to name him Nathan, after the prophet who confronted King David about the lies and treachery he was trying to hide. He stood in the temple courts and refused to be silenced by a King. He had something to say, something he believed was right, and he didn’t let anything stop him. This describes our Nathan perfectly: Stubbornly determined, frustrated by resistance, discouraged by people who ignore truth or reason, and always trying to keep those around him from doing things that will get them in trouble.

September 21st this year he will be nine years old, which marks the halfway point between his birth and the legal age of manhood. Another nine years and he will be an adult, ready to go out on his own and take on the world. So here is a little note for our baby:

Dear Nathan:

We want you to always be free! To love so deeply the way only you know to. We know your heart, and we pray that the world will know it,too. That you will not be judged by those who are jealous of your honesty and sincerity. Any time life presents an obstacle, we hope you will use it to make you stronger, that it will not stop you or slow you down, but instead add to your life experience and give you confidence to take on bigger challenges. We know your inherent determination; we have seen it firsthand for the last nine years, and we hope it never fades.

You are brilliant! Amazingly brilliant and curious! Your natural intuition and your capability to easily catch on to things will take you far in life. We hope most of all that your most innocent traits will not be affected by the cruel people of the world.

Right now, we are holding your hand along the way, we are teaching you and training you to be a competent human being. We are supporting you in all of your various ideas and ventures! We want you to know that even when you are an adult, and you no longer need us to hold your hand and give you direction, you will still have our full love and support in everything that you decide to do in life. All we want is for you to truly be happy and to know love.



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