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Review & Giveaway: Kids Gourmet Squoosh Snacks

Today’s post and product review is sponsored by Squoosh by Kids Gourmet.  They’re also treating one lucky Reno Moms Blog reader to a box of Squoosh’s Banango flavored pouches – a mixture of butternut squash, banana, mango and apple, sprinkled with coconut. Good luck!

I heart pouch food for babies. They didn’t have these amazing things when my first babe was a wee one nine long years ago. When my second babe was a tiny tot five years ago, they were just coming out – but were hard to find and ultra-pricey. With Baby D, they are EVERYWHERE: even the big chain stores carry them and they are affordable. Although it is cheaper to make your own baby food (which I do/have done), I buy these bad boys for their convenience. When I’m running late to get the kiddos to school and day-care with a meeting at work looming first thing in the morning, Baby D gets one in the car on the road. I stuff them in the diaper bag and even my purse for those emergencies when little man is getting hungry and the only thing in sight are French fries. Sure, he has squeezed them to make mini-volcanoes, but at sixteen months, those days are (pretty much) behind us: he can suck down a pureed pouch of goodness in 30 seconds flat.

IMG_1715We just went glamping over Labor Day weekend at Sierra Nevada Journey’s Grizzly Creek Ranch Family Camp (which is AMAZING, if you’re looking for something fun next year!). When RMB co-founders Annie and Jenny asked if I could review the Squoosh pureed pouch foods from Kids Gourmet, this camping trip seemed like the perfect time to give them a try. No spoons to pack, I didn’t need to refrigerate them, and they were easy to toss in with the rest of the variety pack I’d selected for the trip.

On day two of our trip, snack time loomed and I offered Baby D a Squoosh pouch. He invited his pal Baby K to join us for a little pureed yumminess. Did they like them? I’m guessing so, as I barely had 20 seconds to grab a few snapshots before both 3.2 oz. pouches were drained and they were simultaneously saying “More! More!”, with Baby K even signing “more” at the same time.  I think they were a hit, as no mini-volcanoes were made or finger painting performed with the pouch remnants. My five-year-old gave one a shot and deemed it to be “too sweet.” I gave one a sip, and yes, they are too sweet for my liking with a bit of a prune-ish aftertaste. But if the babes, who are the intended market for these things, love them, then I’d say give them a go!IMG_1788

Squoosh pouches are part of the Kids Gourmet brand, and are comprised of USDA-certified organic fruits and vegetables. There are four flavors; we tried SquabbleBerry which is apple, blueberry, squash, and banana. These original recipes are created by a mom in her own kitchen before the recipe is shared for mass production. They are priced at $4.99 for a four pack on Amazon. For further information, check out Kids Gourmet online.

To enter to win today’s giveaway, simply answer this question in the comments below: What is your child’s all-time favorite snack? Anyone who says “broccoli” will be disqualified…kidding!

One winner will be chosen, and comments close Friday, September 6 at noon. Good luck!

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