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Pencils, Painting & Pee Chee Folders – Get Back to School!


Pee Chee folder

Quick, what movie is this from? “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

While it is not quite fall, it is that time of year again, time for No. 2 pencils, new crayons and Pee Chee folders. Do kids even use those any more? Some of my best artwork was on Pee Chee folders.

It feels like you can’t go anywhere without people talking about Back to School time. Facebook is full of pictures of kids with their bookbags, smiling in their front yards before heading off to their first day at preschool, kindergarten, junior high or high school. Those back aisles at Target are full of people with lists and confused looks as they compare packs of ruled notebook paper. And, there is that sense of newness, when everyone is still excited about going back to school – before we see the posts about finishing science fair entries at midnight or wrestling with having to re-learn fractions or prepositions.

I always get a little jealous that I don’t have a reason to buy a new Trapper Keeper in the fall, so this year I decided to figure out a few classes around town that might get us all back to school.

Image courtesy of the Nevada Museum of Art.
Image courtesy of the Nevada Museum of Art.

When my Grandma retired from working for the state, she starting taking art classes at Ventura College. Each week, she walked the few blocks to the college with her cart of painting and drawing materials. She sketched and painted well into her 80s in that class. She must have taken 30 art classes there over the 15 years she was a student. I don’t think it is ever too early, or too late, to start learning about art, and the Nevada Museum of Art has a host of classes for kids of every age, from sketching and drawing, to tapestry weaving and photography. Local artist and mom, Lisa Kornze, has two upcoming Baby Painting classes in October. Think of it, you and your baby (or toddler) will be introduced to painting without getting your house dirty! I would be sure to bring lots of wipes to this class and make room on the fridge for that first masterpiece.

Step In To Music has a number of classes for you and your little Mozart. These classes focus on both hands-on experiences and music appreciation. You might appreciate hearing some new tunes, too! Classes are held at Maytan Music Center.

Photo courtesy of the River School Farm
Photo courtesy of the River School Farm

Interested in getting a little dirty? Check out the gardening classes at Moana Nursery. These one-hour Saturday classes start at 10 am and range from learning to can and preserve foods, to winterizing your garden or learning how to properly care for those roses (p.s. don’t prune in the fall).

Kids and adults can learn about urban farming and gardening during a River School Farms tour; they hold public tours on Friday afternoons at 3 pm. You and the little ones can learn about year-round farming in northern Nevada, composting, beekeeping and creating art work with recycled materials. You are never to young to learn the value of recycling. Plus, they have chickens and goats!

Photo Courtesy of Nothing To It!
Photo Courtesy of Nothing To It!

Even Mommies and Daddies need some classes. I dream of speaking another language, mostly so I know how to order food on my dream vacations. I found a way for you to experience tastes from around the world without even having to pack a bag or buy a Rosetta Stone course. Nothing To It! is hosting a Global Small Bites course on Friday, Sept. 13, which might just be a lucky date night destination for you. By Thursday nights, I can always use a glass of wine and the L’uva Bella Wine Gallery at The Summit can turn that glass into an educational experience. Each Thursday, they host tastings where their wine reps or wine makers pour some exceptional wines. Sip and learn, ladies, sip and learn.

What do you want to learn this fall?


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