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The Time-Starved Mom’s Workout

Today’s post is from guest contributor Skye Garman, mom of two and a personal trainer in Reno who knows there is always time for exercise. Just for us Reno Moms Blog fans, Skye put together this quickie workout perfect for any mom pressed for time (that’s all of us!). Check out the slideshow for Skye’s step-by-step routine for working up a sweat and building muscle in under 30 minutes. Thanks, Skye!

I’ve been fitting in exercise where I can this summer. You see, I’m a mom to a 4 and 8 year old. And, while I’m a fitness trainer who works part time, my full-time gig is MOM. My kids have pretty much been attached to my hip all summer, as my oldest was on summer break and my youngest isn’t old enough for full-time school. I’ve had to bring both kids to work with me frequently. While I train my clients, they sit there ever so patiently. By the time I’ve finished with work, it just hasn’t seemed fair to make them wait more while I work out for myself. My hubby is a fireman and that means he works around the clock. So, I don’t always have the luxury of heading to the gym before the kids wake up, either.

So, time, MY time… that is, the the time I spend on myself, is in very short supply these days. It’s okay, though. I’m not complaining. I love being a mom. But, I have to work out, because frankly if I don’t, I get a little kooky. Just ask my husband. Getting exercise makes me a better mom. I’m more clear, more patient, and definitely have more energy to give my kids. Happy mamas = happy kidlets is what I’ve always said. Exercise is an absolute must for this mama.

So, what’s my solution when I can’t get away and my kids are too little to leave alone? I work out at home, of course. I don’t have a home gym. I don’t own a treadmill. I have a few hand weights and exercise bands. But, mostly I just use my body! I sprint in front of my house on the street. I do my workout on my front lawn. Who cares that the neighbors think I’m a whack job, right? I do short intense exercise sessions, no longer than about 25 minutes because that’s about all the time my kids can leave me alone for, ( between asking for another snack or when we are going to the pool). And you know what? It totally works!

Studies have shown that short and intense full body workouts carried out at maximum effort burn just as many (if not more) calories than long drawn out low intensity workouts. Torch the fat, bring on the muscle is what I say! We call these workouts HIIT ( high intensity interval training). You don’t have to be a rockstar fitness buff to do HIIT training. These workouts are just as effective for beginners too; remember to work at your own pace, for your fitness level.

So, I’m here today as your blogging fitness coach to try and motivate YOU, the mama out there who feels like she doesn’t have time or money to start an exercise program. Because guess what? You don’t need a whole lot of either! And, there is always time for exercise… you just have to figure out how to fit it in. I’m giving you a workout that you can do today, actually right now! You’ll find some very (ahem) unprofessional photos ( hubby took them) to follow along with. Just trust me and do this workout and you will feel awesome afterward. You should always get clearance from your doctor before starting any fitness program.

Equipment: A sturdy chair and a weight anywhere between 5-12 pounds. If you don’t have weights, try using full water bottles or a couple of rocks from outside, or nothing at all if you are a beginner.

Warm Up – 5 minutes: I like to run up and down my street, but you can always jog or march in place, do jumping jacks, skip etc. The point is to get your muscles warm and your heart pumping before you hit it hard in your workout.

The Workout: Perform these 8 exercises straight through with no rest. At the end, rest for 1 minute and then start again until you have completed 3 sets. If you have time, go for 4  sets!  Please follow along with the slideshow as a guide, especially if you are not familiar with an exercise. Let’s go – just click on the first photo to get started!

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How was your workout?!

I wrote this post late last night late after the kids were in bed and got up super early this morning to take the kids to Tahoe for a fun day in the sun. It’s the last weekend to play before school starts. I just did this workout at 4:30 pm in my backyard after returning from Sand Harbor. The kids were tired and I plunked them in front of the electronic babysitter (TV). This workout took me all of 28 minutes, including the 5 minute warm up. I did the max reps and rested for 1 minute between sets.

So, you see my mama friends, you CAN fit exercise in to your day. It just takes some jockeying. How long did this workout take you? Try to beat my time, and post yours in the comments below.

…….And now I’m off to make dinner!


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