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Midwife Miniseries Part I

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Midwife with womanMidwifery FAQ – Part I of the Midwifery Miniseries

Today’s guest post is by Denise Rubinfeld, RN, CNM, APN, a nurse-midwife at Women’s Health Specialists in Reno, Nevada. 

Hello, Reno moms!  I am thrilled to be blogging in your sphere.  I’m excited to share what a midwife is and why someone might choose a midwife as her provider. The truth is, as a midwife, a big part of my job- and personal life, for that matter- is explaining what midwives are, and describing the role we play in the big picture of women’s healthcare.

When I go to a dinner party and tell people that I’m a midwife, I usually get asked a few questions.  Some are:

  • “Wow, there are still midwives? “
  • “So, do you deliver babies in people’s houses?”
  • “Wow, you seem young to be a midwife!”
  • “Do you only take care of pregnant women?”
  • “Did you go to school for that?”

Who We Are

To the first question; yup, we’re still here, and growing in number!  The truth is there are as many kinds of midwives as there are women.  We are extremely diverse in age, ethnicity, training, and practice location.  My partner and I are in our 30s and 50s, respectively.  Both of us are registered nurses and have worked in a variety of settings, including hospitals, birth centers, and homes.  Both of us hold bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in midwifery.  We are licensed on both the state and national levels.

What We Do

We prescribe medications, birth control pills, and perform procedures such as IUD placements and Nexplanon insertions.  We deliver babies in local hospitals, not at people’s homes, though we hope to open a freestanding birth center in the future.  Oh, and we see lots of women who are not pregnant at all – our clients range in age from nine to ninety-nine, with all sorts of different healthcare needs.

How We Differ From OBs

This is a great question.  In thinking about the answer, I reached out to a few non-midwife friends who have experienced midwifery care from the patient/client/consumer end.  One friend, an artist, told me quite simply, “Midwives offer care, not just treatment.” And this is true- a tenet of our care is listening to women.  We truly believe that your emotional and physical health are connected, and our suggestions for your health are made with that in mind.  We employ age-old common sense as well as the latest in scientific research-and trust me, we stay on top of the latest and greatest information that is coming out so that we can offer the best care to our clients.  We collaborate regularly with other experts in the community and we‘re active on the local and national level to advance midwifery.  With all the changes in healthcare coming up, you’ll probably be hearing more and more about the benefits of midwifery.  See here for ways that midwifery care is changing the landscape of women’s health in this country.

Stay tuned for Part II of my miniseries. Next up I’ll share more about the midwifery philosophy and how it differs from OB-GYNs.

For more information about midwifery care, please visit http://ourmomentoftruth.midwife.org/

Denise Rubinfeld, RN, CNM, APN is a nurse-midwife at Women’s Health Specialists in Reno, Nevada.  She was thrilled to join the practice of Lynn Anderson, CNM in the spring of 2013.  She and Lynn care for women throughout Reno and beyond.  For more information about the midwifery practice at Women’s Health Specialists, please visit http://www.womenshealthnv.com/ or call (775) – 688-5850.

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