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Teaching Your Children Healthy Habits

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I’ve recently read several great articles on the importance of disconnecting in our extremely connected world. In fact, our own Jessica Santina wrote a fabulous post on what she gained when she gave up her smart phone.

It absolutely depresses me that as a society we have to plan to unwind or disconnect. I’m equally disgusted by myself when I catch myself judging other parents for ignoring their children. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 

Guilty of judging and also guilty of responding to email and texts when I should be devoting 100% of my time to my girls.

Just this past weekend, we went to Disneyland. As we waited in line in Cars Land, I noticed a family of four near us, each glued to their smart phones. Here we were, waiting in line at the Happiest Place on Earth, surrounded by the magic of Disney – where half the fun is waiting in line – and this family was missing out on quality time. (Judging again – I know.)

Later that day, I noticed my four-year-old was constantly focused on what was happening next. “What ride are we going on next? What are doing after this?”

Granted, Disneyland is the land of over-stimulation, but it made me realize that we’re constantly moving – stimulated – anticipating the next move and mode of entertainment.

This got me thinking about the healthy habits I want and need to make a priority in my family.

Please know I’m in no way suggesting I’m a model of perfect health.

These are simply habits I try to make a priority in our home; limited technology/screen time, time outside, exercise and healthy foods.

But perhaps most important in helping me/us live in the moment is practicing daily gratitude. 

Recapping our happiest, favorite, bluest or brightest part of our days before bedtime is a ritual I hadn’t appreciated fully until I had the light bulb moment at Disneyland over the weekend.

Similarly, knowing when to allow ourselves to feel sadness or anger is equally important to feel and be in the moment.

I will forever be grateful my daughters are a beautiful reminder to stop and smell the flowers.

What healthy habits does your family practice?

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