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Home Security in Reno

Today’s post is sponsored by Home Security In My Area.

key-FBLast weekend I was in the midst of a wonderful slumber (and when you’re pregnant you know how important sleep is) when our two dogs leapt from their beds barking. I was in such a deep sleep that adrenaline immediately coursed through my body and my heart started beating fast. I sat up straight in bed trying to shush the dogs while also trying to get my wits about me. My husband jumped up and did a quick lap of the house making sure that all was clear.

Even with my husband’s reassurance, my mind ran through every true crime novel I’ve read and every episode of Law & Order, Criminal Minds and CSI that I’ve ever watched. And let’s face it – that’s a lot of episodes. Don’t even get me started on the ID Network or reruns of Dateline.

I had a hard time getting back to sleep that night as my overactive mind could not turn off.  Becoming a mother has made me hypersensitive to our family’s safety. My husband and I have talked about getting a security system before, and not just because of my late night anxiety, but because our 2 ½ year old figured out how to unlock and open the front door a few months ago. Since that time we’ve tried a variety of contraptions, booby traps and even an obnoxious cheapo alarm from Home Depot that I would forget to turn off every time I opened the door. Talk about permanent ear damage.

So when Home Security In My Area contacted Reno Moms Blog, I was interested in seeing what is available in our area. Home Security In My Area was created to help keep communities safe while providing support for those looking for trusted, knowledgeable security solutions tailored to their location. A quick search of my zip code found an entire list of options with the cheapest being only $8.55 a week. The website is easy to navigate and includes contact information for the companies in my area, as well as local crime statistics from the last six years.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a home security system, or are curious to see what is available in your zip, check out Home Security In My Area today. I’m still up in the air about buying a security system – I’m thinking maybe a dog obedience class may be a good first start. That and less ID Network.


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Jenny Petty
Jenny Petty is the co-founder of Reno Moms Blog. She grew up in rural Nevada and married frugal-outdoorsman-handyman Travis in 2010. They have a 3 year old son, Henry, and welcomed a sweet baby girl, Claire, last year. 40+ hours a week she works in digital marketing and when she isn't sleeping she likes to dabble in crafting, updating her blog Tales of a Durtty Home, reading anything not written by Dr. Seuss or Eric Carle, and pretending to be Martha Stewart (the one on TV, not the one that went to jail). At the top of her long list of loves is traveling, adventures, mojitos, horses, spa days, her baby boy's laugh and dates nights with her husband, Mr. Durtty.

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