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Confessions of a Traveling Mom

…or, “why I don’t mind traveling for work.”

Do you ever wish you could sit down and enjoy an uninterrupted meal?  Or, enjoy a night’s rest without being kicked or shoved to the edge of the bed?  I do!  I’m not gonna lie – traveling for work has some perks!  I may act like it’s the worst thing in the world; but really, I can’t wait to have a day or two alone.

First, I get to eat like a king (or queen).  Just this past week, I had two amazing HOT dinners that didn’t include macaroni or cheese in the same bowl.  Night one was the most amazing plump scallops and perfectly cooked risotto.  It was like something out of Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen.  The following night, I had the most beautiful bottle of pinot noir at the most superb seafood restaurant, Farallon, in San Francisco.  I enjoyed every bite of my halibut.  I didn’t have to share it with anyone.  I ate it hot out of the pan.  I would have licked the plate if I weren’t in such a fancy place.  Table talk with my family is fun, but every now and then it’s nice to eat a hot meal from start to finish.

Another reason I love to travel for work is that I don’t have to lock myself in the bathroom to get some peace and quiet.  I have an entire 300-400 square foot room to myself, complete with bed and tv!  I don’t have to share the bathroom, I don’t have to share the bed, I can read a book without being interrupted, and, better yet, I don’t have to watch Dora or Blue’s Clues.  I may not sleep well while on the road, but at least I don’t have a knee in my back or a small toddler perpendicular to me.  Call me selfish, but this mommy appreciates all the personal square footage on the road!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Dave77459
Image courtesy of Flickr user Dave77459

The third reason I like to travel for work is because I get a break from mommy duties, also known as lunch-lady, taxi driver, homework Nazi, lifeguard (aka, bath-time), and so on.  The best part is, I get to direct all these activities from afar:  “Did you make lunches?”  “Did you pick the kids up?”  “Did Sam do all his homework?”  “Did the kids eat?”  If I get one day off from driving here and there and checking homework and making lunches, it’s a bonus; two days off and I’m in heaven.Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my family and I really do miss them every minute I’m gone.  I do huff and puff when I have to travel, but I secretly don’t mind it either.  A short two-three day break from my family enables me to recharge my mommy battery and power on when I return home.  Being away reminds me that I can’t live without them and that I really don’t mind sharing my bed or my food or driving them around town.  And the absolute best part of work travel is coming home and being greeted by my three year old with a big hug, kiss and “Mommy, you’re home?!?!”

Guest contributor Regan Losty is a mom to a nine year old and three year old.  She works full time from her home office and has been a Reno resident for more than ten years.  When not traveling on business or running after kids, she enjoys reading, writing and eating her husband’s cooking.


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