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Hiking Hunter Creek Trail with Wee Ones

hiking hunter creek trail reno

One of the many great things about living in Reno-Tahoe is the access to an amazing number of trails.

You may remember Gemma’s post about 10 things to do at Rancho San Rafael – a perfect example of the quick outdoorsy escapes our area has to offer.

One of my favorite trails in Reno is Hunter Creek Trail. While the 2+ mile hike to the waterfall is totally worth it, I don’t recommend it with little ones.

However, it’s still a great spot to take your kids for a quick check-in with nature.

We recently took our four-year-old and one-year-old on what I expected would be another magical day outdoors. Unfortunately, my four-year-old doesn’t care much for hiking. About a quarter of a mile in, she had had just about enough.

The beauty of Hunter Creek Trail is that about one mile in is a perfect spot to turn off and picnic by the creek. With a few bribes, we enticed her to make it as far as our goal to take a break from the heat near the creek. We let the girls strip down and splash in the water, examine bugs and get as dirty as they pleased.

baby playing in creekhunter creek trail reno

I’m always looking for suggestions for other great hikes for little ones, especially if there’s water involved! Any recommendations?


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