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Reno Food Truck Friday with kids

Now that we’re parents, a fun Friday night on the town looks a little different. But if you’re still itching for a great night downtown with live music and incredible dishes you can’t get anywhere else…oh, and you can bring the kids, too? Check out Reno Food Truck Friday, held every first and third Friday of the month from 5-9 pm. – the next one is tomorrow night! Reno Moms Blog reader Tanya M. shares what to know before you go. 559300_372171069521764_1661489184_n 217985_372170756188462_5414199_n

The event takes place at CitiCenter, on the corner of Fourth and Center Streets. We parked in the National Bowling Stadium’s parking garage for $5. It is right across the street, so we didn’t have to walk far…which is good, because we had both girls (ages 5 and 8 months) with us, plus Grandma!

Last time, we picked GourMelt – YUM. They do have a limited menu at the event, though – it’s not the same as their daily offerings, but you still can’t go wrong. They had the longest wait, of course, but our five-year-old was busy having a blast in the Tumblebus, and it was actually pretty relaxing with the live music happening. Everyone was very nice and mellow about waiting in line, and there were lots of other families there, too.

There are up to 13 different food trucks at each event, depending on each operator’s schedule. Tomorrow night’s lineup of trucks includes:

Kenji’s,  Waffle Wagon,  HotDog Rod,  Traffic Jam, Mellow Yellow, GourMelt, Lazy Sundae, Battle Born,  St. Lawerence, Red Truck, Sauce Wagon, CLK Dogs  and Great Basin Brewing Co.’s Beer Garden.

Some things to know if you take the kids:

  • Tumblebus charges a small fee for for all night play, but if your child does Tumblebus at school (like ours) and wears their shirts, they can play for free. You can also buy a shirt there, to wear each following time to get in for free.
  • There is a lot of bench seating at CitiCenter, but no actual tables. So consider bringing beach chairs, blankets or other seating to make the event more comfortable for you.
  • As with any event in Reno, our summer evenings can get very cool, very quickly. Bring jackets or sweatshirts for everyone!

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