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Reno Farmers Markets

One of my favorite parts of summer in Reno is the Farmers Market scene that began last weekend. It is one of the quintessential Reno events that signal the beginning of summer to me – similar to the first REALLY hot day, convertibles showing up on the freeway and the ice cream truck making it’s Sunday afternoon debut on my street.

With so many great Farmers Market options now available it’s easy to find fresh summer fruits and veggies in almost every Reno neighborhood on almost any day of the week. My husband and I are creatures of habit so even though we no longer live “in the city” we love to hit the Village Market Farmers Market located at California Avenue and Booth St.

I love this market because parking is always easy, the produce is gorgeous and the proximity to House of Bread and Mix Cupcake Company make it a win-win-win. Over the years we’ve developed a system where we walk through the entire market before making our selections. That way we don’t spend our entire farmer’s market budget on the first items we drool over. I love the vibrant colors of the produce and watching the fruits and vegetables change as the season progresses. The Village Market is responsible for my love affair with eggplant, lemon cucumbers and why my husband has taken jarring pickles to a whole new level.


Our Haul

Saturday we walked away with fresh beets, corn, green beans, apricots, white peaches and nectarines. Yum!

Village Market Reno Farmer's Market Haul
Produce from the Village Market Farmers Market in Reno


I highly recommend finding a Farmer’s Market in your neck of the woods and enjoying the amazing local produce our region has to offer. Check out these great guides to Reno’s Farmers Markets:


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