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The Co-Founders Behind Reno Moms Blog

Sometimes, you are lucky to work with really great people. And you’re even luckier when they become your friends, too.

We’re co-founders Annie McFarland and Jenny Petty. Hi! We can’t wait to get to know you, too.

about-us-pageWe met as co-workers seven years ago, and have supported each other through getting married, having babies, getting new jobs, raising toddlers and answering those questions you could only ask another mom (“Wait, her poop was what color?”).

While devouring parenting sites and mom blogs (and writing our own blogs, too), we sometimes felt like something was missing. We wanted to connect with other local moms, and to also connect outside of the online world.  Enter Reno Moms Blog, a sister site of the national City Moms Blog Network. You can learn more about our mission here.

We’ve already had such a blast together creating this site; but the best is yet to come as we build this community with you, our readers.

Meet Our Co-Founders


About renomomsblog

The Reno Moms Blog is a community resource connecting Northern Nevada moms to each other and local resources both online and offline for nurturing, education, friendship and support.

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